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    Bill - Team Sudo

    I'll be passing your suggestion along to our product team.

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    I would like this also - there are probably a lot of people who would sign up with a plan in between the two current high tiers.  I don't need either unlimited minutes or 9 numbers either.  Actually having more $10 plans to choose from would probably satisfy many people. 


    Plan A $10
    3 numbers and sudos
    unlimited text & miniutes

    Plan B $10
    5 numbers and sudos
    2000 text
    2500 minutes

    Something in-between like the above would make it worth leaving the hassle of setting up twilio and numbers  on my own.  The other issue for not being fully onboard with mySudo is the required use of Google Play and Services.  I have voip numbers working from a de-googled phone with voip clients and the other providers on a twilio plan.  A different billing method that cuts the tie to Google would also entice me because I could use the de-googled phone. Currently I make minimal use of mySudo because of the above issues with plan features and google ties.

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    Jack - TeamSudo

    Misc21.wr hopefully the following 2 posts help with your desire not to rely totally on Google services.

    When will MySudo be supported on GrapheneOS?

    Getting MySudo to work on CalyxOS

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