MySudo/Anonyome Sources of Operating Funds




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    Jack - TeamSudo

    We do not sell data and never will, it is totally against the ethos of our company.  

    Anonyome has a number of revenue streams, MySudo subscription being one of them.  You can of course use MySudo for free and leverage E2E encrypted calling, messaging, video, email to other MySudo users, secure browsing, 3 Sudos, 3 Handles and 3 email addresses. Upgrading to one of our paid tiers gives you access to phone numbers which allows you to call and message anyone, in addition to the ability to create and use Virtual Cards for secure payments.  You can see our paid plans here

    Additionally Anonyome has other significant business streams via our Sudo Platform  offering which provides privacy and security solutions to large enterprise customers via a B2B2C model.



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    Ian Shaw

    Great answer - comprehensive enough to address my concerns and straightforward enough for even me to understand it.  Thanks for this.  

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