How do you use MySudo?



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    Since jumping onboard MySudo I no longer give out my personal details unless it is my close family or closest of friends.  I use Sudos for for everything else

    I have one Sudo that I use for my business.  I give out my business Sudo details for anything related to work.  The good thing about this is that if I get a call on my business number and I dont know who it is , I know it is likely a new customer.  Plus on the week-end I can let these calls go to voicemail if I am feeling lazy. 😁

    I have another Sudo that I use for travel - booking flights, hotels, hire cars, reward points etc.  All the emails related to travel, special deals etc all come into this Sudo.

    I have another Sudo I use purely for donations.  Every year I donate to a number of organizations and as much as I really like these organizations and what they do, they do become a pain every year trying to get you to donate again.   By doing it through one Sudo, I can mute calls & emails to this Sudo and only donate when I want to donate not when I get a call and guilt ed into donating.

    I have another Sudo I use to signup to my social media accounts

    I am a coach for my sons Rugby team, so I have my Rugby Sudo that that use to interact with all the parents of the kids I coach, the Rugby association, rugby management etc.  Whenever I get a call on this number I typically know it will be one of the players parents, hopefully to tell me I am doing a great job coaching their kid 😬.  I also use this Sudo for all things Rugby -- Rugby sites, forums, buying kits etc.

    Finally I have one Sudo I use for SPAM.  Basically anytime I have to sign-up to some one off web service to get access to something or participate in something online that is not long lived, I use my SPAM Sudo! 😬

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    Sudo Sophie

    I have a few Sudo profiles for different things but my most used is online shopping!

    With 2 kids now, there is no way I'm dragging them into a grocery store - I use my shopping profile to grocery shop online and pick-up the same day! I just feel better knowing my local grocer isn't gonna sell off my email address and start spamming me about coupons I don't want/need.

    Plus, around the holidays, online shopping is all I do. I hit up so many websites; some lesser known-maybe-sketch ones; but I love knowing it's not my real email they have.

    Bless the Sudo shopping heavens for this app! 🙌🏻

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    Robin Anand

    I have a "Research" Sudo that I use for any research into any product using the browser and also the email if there is a sign up of any kind. I like this because, in a world of targeted ads, it helps me do what I can to control and separate the flow of what comes at me. I hate seeing ads for a product I don't really want but maybe looked at once for the next month afterwards. This one has an email but not a phone number.

    I also use a "Travel" Sudo for booking etc. but also I like the browser for finding flights without worrying about pricing discrimination because the airlines know I'm interested in those flights

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    Ad Min

    I use the Bazzell plan for MySudo:

    One for friends/family

    One for 2FA

    One for out of band encrypted comms

    One for general outgoing calls

    One for professional/business purposes

    One for various online research and random garbage - this one gets shredded quite often



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    Micheal Carr

    how to posseess a sudo number 


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