Google Voice number porting?




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    Jack - TeamSudo

    We do now have the ability to port numbers in and out of MySudo. 👍

    See here for more details.

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    Please DO NOT add the ability to import DIDs. That is one step closer to having DIDs hijacked. If it can be imported, then it can be exported as well. There are other services that allow importing.


    I went to MySudo because of privacy, security, the ability to NOT have my calls go through my actual phone and that it DID NOT offer import/export of DIDs. 


    Lastly, to import/export DIDs, personal information would need to be collected and that is exactly against the ethos of MySudo. 

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    Mike O'Mac 🇺🇸

    I would say if porting in GV numbers becomes a thing and you don't want to port a GV number in then don't.

    I have one which I used quite a bit. It was my former carrier number and would love to port it in versus forwarding it from GV to a Sudo.

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    Dan Kennedy

    I'd personally would like to use porting in of DIDs as well.  I realize there's some interest in keeping this platform secure but any system worth anything would ensure there is DID locking once porting in is available. 

    While I also understand the desire to maintain a separation of personal information collection, if a paying user wants that option that wouldn't affect anyone but the person requesting such a thing.  Just my 2¢

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