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    Jack - TeamSudo

    A quick update on this topic.  We have now deployed into production improvements to our short code handling for SMS/2FA as previously mentioned. 👍 So we can now receive SMS/2FA from many more different short code providers.

    Please note: Although MySudo does accept messages from short codes, some services, by design, do not accept VoIP phone numbers.  Learn more here: SMS short codes what you need to know

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    Jack - TeamSudo

    Joe, we have had some issues with certain types of short codes which some companies use to deliver codes and/or 2FA.  We are making a number of improvements with our handling of these short codes & hope to have these improvements deployed in the next 2 weeks.  Once deployed in our back-end systems we will let users know of these improvements via MySudo on Twitter and also this community.

    Stay tuned 👍


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