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    Jack - TeamSudo

    Hi Mark, yes you can use the QR Code import/export feature to transfer your account from your old device (and old Apple Id) to a new device with a different Apple Id. 👍

    However once you have transferred your account to the new device you will want to do the following:

    • Cancel your MySudo subscription on your old Apple Id
    • Wait until the cancelled subscription expires on your new device & purchase a new MySudo subscription on the new device/Apple id.

    If you have any problems reach out to us at support@mysudo.com.

    Regards Team Sudo.


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    Can you please clarify if it is possible to keep using the same MySudo account on two iOS devices with different Apple IDs after you sync them?

    If so, will a subscription change in one device be seen and updated on the other device with a different Apple ID? And if this is possible, will it work if the two devices are set in different regions for subscriptions, ie, different regional Apple/iTunes store? Thank you

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