Outgoing SMS failure to only one person and mysterious # .


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    Jack - TeamSudo

    Hey Bob, it is strange that you are experiencing an issue sending SMS messages to only one contact.  Do you get an error message when you attempt to do this?

    One possible explanation could be that your contact unknowingly blocked you by sending either "STOP", "END", "UNSUBSCRIBE" in a single reply to you.  These commands are telecommunications industry standards.  Your contact can unblock you by sending a single word SMS to you containing "START".  See industry opt-out keywords for more details.

    Hopefully this resolves your issue.  If not I suggest you contact us at support@mysudo.com where we can debug your account further once we have more details.

    In regards to the "#", we introduced this icon with the introduction of Sudo Handles.  The "#" indicates that you are using your phone number to communicate with your contact as opposed to using a Sudo Handle which is distinguished by the "@" icon.  See how to create a Sudo Handle here




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