Unable to Use US Phone Number from Australia ("Unable to Complete Call" Error)



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    Jack - TeamSudo

    Hi Aramel,

    Thanks for joining the community!

    Being based in Australia and using a MySudo US number should have no issue at all.  There are restrictions on which non-MySudo country numbers you can call and text, however calling/texting supported countries should have no issue.  See countries-can-I-message- and countries-can-I-call-.

    You may want to check you are putting the appropriate country calling code at the beginning of the number you are calling or texting.  For instance if you call an Australian number from a US number, you will need to include +61 at the beginning of the Australian number and also drop the leading 0.

    If you are still having issues, I would suggest you contact us at support@mysudo.com so we can debug your specific issue further.


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    Aramel Martin

    Thanks for the information, Jack!

    I tested again and it worked fine.

    I can only assume that maybe there is a set-up period or similar, as nothing was done differently and now it works fine.

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